Welcome to our "exotic" cabochon pages!

These are items that we have hung on to for several years for our own use; but we have recently decided to liquidate the shop; and head for retirement. All products on this page are hand-cut and polished. For larger view, description; and secure order page, simply click the photo.

All cabs on this page are large 38 x 52 m.m. in size. If you have further questions, or need more info, e-mail us here: click Simply put the cab number within the subject line.

Up-dated 08-04-13


cab-16.JPG (56895 bytes)


crazy lace agate



cab-19.JPG (72166 bytes)



(dino dung)




3852-4.jpg (25995 bytes)




3852-6.jpg (86805 bytes)

Dino Bone


3852-8.jpg (44298 bytes)

Bruneau Jasper


3852-12.jpg (58197 bytes)

Dino Bone


3852-13.jpg (33980 bytes)

Black Jade


3852-14.jpg (47786 bytes)

Dendritic Moss Agate


Mvc-627f.jpg (72508 bytes)

Silver Lace Agate

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