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Crystal Balls xball-47_small.jpg (2083 bytes)
Labradorite Spheres labsph-1_small.JPG (2072 bytes)
Exotic Brazilian Agate Spheres exoticsph-3_small.JPG (2398 bytes)
Agate Geode Spheres
Colored Eggs coloredeggs.jpg (101070 bytes)
Septarian Spheres http://www.artfromgod.com/sep-shph-5_small.jpg (2251 bytes)
Lapis Eggs & Spheres
Black Eggs & Spheres
marble with imbedded fossil spheres <fossilsphere3inch-2.jpg (340044 bytes)
Carved Eggs in Fossil Matrix fossilegg-7_small.jpg (3245 bytes)
Banded Onyx Eggs onyxegg-2_small.jpg (3816 bytes)
Moroccan Onyx Eggs bandedegg-10_small.jpg (3010 bytes)
Pink marble spheres/pyramids close-outs pinksph-lg_small.jpg (2621 bytes)
Giant strawberry onyx eggs straw-12.jpg (223594 bytes)
Giant Spheres