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L i n k

E x a m p l e s
30 x 40 mm oval nucab-39_small.jpg (2110 bytes) nucab-41_small.jpg (2223 bytes)
39mm Round 39-59_small.JPG (2661 bytes) 39-16_small.jpg (2799 bytes) 39-41_small.JPG (2521 bytes)
Exotic 38 x 52 mm cab-10_small.JPG (1804 bytes) 3852-5_small.jpg (1953 bytes) 3852-11_small.jpg (2206 bytes)
Turquoise Freeforms
from China
Turquoise Freeforms
from Kingman
from Arizona
Mexican Opals mexopal-8_small.jpg (2885 bytes) mexopal-26_small.jpg (2427 bytes) mexopal-24_small.jpg (2312 bytes)
Dichroic Glass glass-8_small.jpg (2569 bytes) glass-11_small.jpg (3170 bytes) glassear-1_small.jpg (1721 bytes)

glassear-8_small.jpg (1485 bytes)

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