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These are  items that I acquired direct from my friends turquoise mine in the Kingman, Arizona area. There are several varieties for your inspection. One is raw pieces chipped out of the rock, un-treated, un-graded straight from the mine. The second is pure tumbled nuggets,  un-graded. Some have been stabilized; but please don't ask which ones,as  it is difficult at best to tell. For full descriptions and to purchase these items simply click any photo for secure order form and expanded view......Up-dated 05-29-15

nuturq-2.jpg (683178 bytes)

Tumbled nuggets

Kingman blue...good hard tumbled nuggets.
$25.00 per 1/4 pound.


lggreen.jpg (674797 bytes)

lg.. tumbled green-tone nuggets. 1 to 3 inches. $75.00 per pound


azmalachite.jpg (942512 bytes)

Arizona Malachite pieces
from 3/8 to 1++ inches. Tumbled
Sold by the pound.
$35.00 per pound.







Rough Turquoise Chunks



Turquoise Cabochons



medgreen.jpg (580658 bytes)

med/small green-toned nuggets. 1/4 to 1+ inches. $100.00 per pound


grnspider.jpg (978994 bytes)

Tumbled green-tone nuggets. Same as photo at right but enhanced somewhat differently. Sold by the pound. $75.00



grnspider-2.jpg (1030084 bytes)

Tumbled green-tone nuggets enhanced. click photo for expanded view.





turqgeo.jpg (681375 bytes)

Giant turquoise nugget!  12 x 5 x 4 inches! $800.00 or best reasonable offer.


lgchunk-1.jpg (610747 bytes)

Very large nugget, split in middle. almost a foot wide, side-by-side. each pc is 4 inches tall and 3 inches thick!

$700.00 or best reasonable offer.








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